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A Bohemian Sunday

Hi, ya’ll! We’re back. We should apologize for abandoning the blog these past few months but, truthfully, summer happened. Sadly, since the summer began I haven’t been to the beach once even though I work next to one. A few months ago I started working as a buyer with an american designer in her boutique: Michelle Farmer Collaborate. There are a lot of cute things, all with a very resort vibe, which is perfect for Puerto Rico. I will be making a blog post soon so all of you can catch a glimpse of my daily temptations. So I’m officially blaming my new job for my lack of posts. Cristy has been busy with school. Please forgive us.

Now, let’s talk about the post. Several Sundays ago I went with blogger Carla Fernandez from Oda a la Moda and her friend, Giannina Aponte, to an event called “Bohemian Sunset” presented by Naboria PR. They are a Puerto Rican company that seeks to promote local talent: design, art, fashion, sports, business, and entertainment. The event was the first edition of “Bohemian Sunset” and it was held at the Jardin Botanico of Caguas. As you’ll see, the scenery was completely stunning and even though it was quite a hot day, it was all worth it. Scroll below for some images of the day, mostly taken by Jean Cintron, and some captions, mostly done by me.


Dramatic enough? YES. I love drama.


From left to right: Gianinna Aponte, Carla Fernandez and I. Picture by Jean Cintron.


I’m wearing Rainbow’s sunglasses ($3.00) and my beloved Illamasqua lipstick in Flare shade ($22.00). Sadly, Sephora stopped selling this brand. I’m in mourning.


So cool. I can see it in my room. In my imaginary cool room.


I’m wearing a top ($5.00) and bag ($12.00) from Rainbow, BCBG Max Azria pants ($37.99) and heels (which you can’t see) from Express. Picture by Jean Cintron.




Cute garden party + cupcakes= HEAVEN. Chocolate and Guayaba. I repeat, GUAYABA.


Picture-worthy backgrounds everywhere.


I just want to add that I’m not THAT short.I mean I am but in my defense, they were wearing platforms. #shortpeopleproblems Picture by Jean Cintron.


COLORS. Picture by Jean Cintron.


One of my favorite looks from the MAGNIFIQUE collection by Alejandro Aldarondo. First, I want her hair. Also, I met the designer and he is a delight.


Another look that I loved. The color and the texture of the dress are on point. And her cute short hair is selling the whole look.


I really liked this combo. I can’t remember if it was completely lined but I’m hoping it was.


This was an appropriate final look. Please, be lined.




We complement each other. Bloggers helping bloggers.


This will go in my imaginary fabulous living room, just above my imaginary rustic chimney. Seems about right.


This reminds me that I am of need of a MAJOR sun tan. Summer, where did you go? Picture by Jean Cintron.


At the end of the day we went to see the KV Jewelry line designed by Karmaris Valentin.


And yes, it was totally cute and affordable.



If you want to keep up with events and all sorts of entertainment just click Like on Naboria PR.

More posts coming soon,

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Let's Talk About...


About two weeks ago Cristy and I went to an event called Arte Jangueo at El Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico’s Art Museum). For those who haven’t been to these events, they are basically a party but with different art displays. This time the displays were focused on the topic of fashion and introducing young puerto rican designers. Each of the designers had their own booth as a way to display and even sell their stuff. Some of the designers used models, others manequins, and even paintings to display their work. The real treat, however, was looking at what everybody was wearing. My friend and designer Jean Cintron had the mission of dressing up around 10 of his friends (including Cristy and I). Cristy couldn’t wear her dress because it didn’t fit at the last minute so she choose to wear something else and fix it later. My outfit was inspired in a dress that Miroslava Duma wore around two years ago for New York Fashion Week. I had the dress saved in my computer files since then and decided this was the perfect opportunity to wear it. Here are some pictures of the event, so treat yourself.


The crowd at #ArteJangueo


Andrea, Carla and I wearing Jean Cintron.


The futuristic looks of Jaer Caban.


Cristy with our friend Del Mar.


For one shining moment, I felt I was at The Capitol of The Hunger Games.


I’m wearing a Jean Cintron dress, clutch from Bella Moda ($68.00) and heels from Galeria ($29.99).


My favorite booth. Dress by Diana Vazquez.


Blogger and friend, Andrea Devoto.


I was not kidding when I said I felt I was at The Capitol. Apparently I didn’t get the Hunger Games dress code memo…


Favorite clutch of the moment.


Smiling at last.


More from the designer Jaer Caban.


Gotta’ love some drama in the back.


Not so ready-to-wear, but #colors.


Frances Estrada, Andrea Devoto, Carla Fernandez and I with AND wearing Jean Cintron.


Cristy’s bag is from Aldo. I want to buy it but then I remember how many bags with lips I own and restrain myself.  Andrea’s (far right), on the other hand, I need to buy it because of REASONS.


Apparently I was having too much fun.


Jewelry from Punky.


Cristy is wearing a bag and necklace from Aldo, Zara heels and a jumpsuit from a boutique called Piero .


Carla’s accesories and bag.


No cape? No problem. Wings it is.

See you next week,

- Ch

Photo Album

Wine-U Too

After our first Wine-U event, we were invited to another and, of course, said yes. This event was for the Middle Sister wine brand which you’ll remember was my favorite from the last post. This time the event was ladies only and everyone was encouraged to bring their sister. Charlie’s sisters were at work and mine is a minor so we invited Andrea and frankly, had a blast. I’m not sure if it was the lack of men or the inclusion of karaoke but people were letting loose at this event much more freely than at the last one. Wine tastings always have lots of food and this one was no exception. There were tons of adorable snacks and appetizers constantly being served and Charlie and I became best friends with a waitress who, bless her, kept bringing us food.

Middle Sister is a wine brand which features a different “sister” for each one of their wines. Each girl has their own personality as each wine has its own taste. There was a screen at the event which kept displaying different quotes from each of the sisters. 




Several people came up to Charlie during the evening to tell her they loved her outfit. Clearly, no one was sober. (Totally kidding.)


My top and shoes are from Zara. Bag from Forever21 and pants from Caché.


Cute and delicious.




Andrea Devoto.


Middle Sister Wines. So far, I’ve tasted three. Six to go.


“Yes, hello. I’m here surrounded by wine. Is this what heaven looks like?”


Those earrings are Aldo. I know because they’re mine. Outed.


“Cheers, Drama Queen.”


“Hello. We’re the lipstick squad. She’s the red ranger and I’m the pink ranger. Where can I get more of this wine?”


More cute food. Cute food is right up there with puppies.


Eating is serious business. Seriously.


Dress from Arden B. The blazer, shoes and purse are all from Zara. The sass is all from Charlie.


I think we were trying to pose and burst out laughing. Thanks Wine-U for the LOLs. And the wine.

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Photo Album

Wine-U, Wine-Me, Wine-Everybody

A while back, Charlie and I attended a wine tasting event called Wine-U held at La Bodega de Mendez. It was, specifically, for California wines. The truth is that when it comes to wine, the only thing we know is: most wine is good wine and free wine is heaven. Social gatherings where you don’t know the people around you can be awkward (as this one was at first) but everyone knows alcohol is a social lubricant so by the end of the night…we still hadn’t befriended anyone but we did find each other a lot more amusing. The event itself was very nice. The wines were great and there were even games where you could win discounts to take home a bottle or have an extra glass of wine. I won %15 off and bought a bottle of the Middle Sister wine pictured below.

The wines up for tasting were three white wines and three red:

1. Discoveries Pinot Grigio.

2. Middle Sister Surfer Chic Sauvignon Blanc (This was Charlie’s favorite white wine of the night).

3. Markham Chardonnay (This was my favorite white wine of the night).

4. Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir (This one I took home with me).

5. Purple Cowboy Trail Boss Cabernet Sauvignon

6. Besitos


Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir


Charlie wearing a Forever21 skirt ($16.99), Zara Heels ($39.99), Aldo clutch ($4.99) and the blouse was a gift.


Winning my 15% off. The game is to throw the cork into the bowl. Third times’ the charm, everybody.


The sweater is from Gap and the skirt from Zara. I never remember the prices but I got both items on sale. The purse was a gift.




Beginning of the night: Everything’s awkward.


End of the night: …yeah.

More of Wine-U and Middle Sister next week.

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A Veuve Clicquot Urbane Experience

A few weeks ago, we were invited to an event called Veuve Clicquot Urbane, which consists of bringing their champagne to the most “IN” and trendy places around the city. It’s a new concept developed here in Puerto Rico by the Veuve Clicquot company that will be done globally. Cristy couldn’t make it so I invited Andrea Devoto from Andrea’s Devotion instead. The event was held at one of my favorite places here in PR called Arquetipo. I once went to a Vanidades’ party there a few years ago and I fell in love with the place. Andrea and I had the privilege of meeting one of the owners of Arquetipo, Emilio Olabarrieta, and he had the best opening line ever: “Hi, welcome to my office!”.

During the event, we were heading back and forth from the Champagne Bar to the Rolling Diner. At the bar they had three different cocktails all made with Veuve Clicquot Champagne, obviously. We made it our mission to try all three of them. The first one and my personal favorite was “Simply the best” which had Veuve Clicquot Brut with strawberries puree, vanilla extract and fresh lemon juice. It was so good. The other two were “Clicquot Mint Lavender” which had Veuve Clicquot with fresh lemon juice, lavender syrup and mint, and “Veuvellini” which had the Veuve Clicquot Brut with peach vodka and peach puree. Outside was the Rolling Diner (winner of the Moet Hennessy Sales Innovation Award 2014), where Chef Peter Bouchard was served a slew of delicious stuff. It was a good night, indeed.


Outside of Arquetipo. All the decorations were mustard, I repeat, MUSTARD (In case you didn’t know, I  love all things mustard).


Me drinking the cocktail “Simply the best” (It really was).


Andrea wearing a skirt she made herself, isn’t it cute?


The first level of Arquetipo.


I’m wearing a suit from BCBG Max Azria, bag from Burlington, and heels from Marshalls ($35.99).


Headpiece from Charlotte Russe ($3.99).


The artist Gloso Nieto worked on two paintings during the whole event. Cool, right?


Andrea enjoying a “Simply the best” cocktail.


Santurce walls on the background.


If I’m not mistaken these were the “Clicquot Mint Lavander”.


Cristy said this was one of her favorite pictures. She called it “The Half JOSANNA.”


For the lips I’m wearing Revlon ColorBurst Matte Balm in Mischievous shade.


Behind me is the Rolling Diner in MUSTARD, again.


Here I am with Charlotte Pabon who invited me to the event and Emilio Olabarrieta one of the owners of Arquetipo.


Andrea having fun.


Here is the Holy Menu from the Rolling Diner. I got a taste of the cheese balls with guava sauce. Delicious.


The end.

A photographer at the event put together a video starring yours truly as well as all the other guests.

Special thanks to Charlotte for the invitation, Andrea for the pictures and specially BCBG Max Azria Barceloneta for my outfit!

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See you next week,

- Ch

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The Accessory You Cannot Ignore

For all those people who don’t wear their seat belts while driving because it’s uncomfortable or because they think it’s overrated, this post is mainly for you. The Traffic Safety Commission (CST or La Comisión para la Seguridad en el Tránsito) is working on an educational campaign to raise awareness on the use of seat belts. The aim of the campaign is to reduce traffic fatalities related to the lack of a seat belt on the roads by 3%. As you may know, here in Puerto Rico (as well as all over the world) there have been a lot of car accidents that end in fatalities that could’ve been prevented by buckling up. Personally, putting on my seat belt is the first thing I do when I get in a car and something I demand ask of everyone riding with me. It should be something automatic. Plus, imagine just how much money you can save on police tickets by preventing the $50 fine given to each passenger that’s not buckled in. I’m not here to reprimand you, just to let you know how important it is to use a seat belt; it’s a lifesaver.


“The moment you put on a seatbelt can save everyone else.”

Some fellow bloggers and fashion enthusiasts (The Broke Girls included) were asked to participate in the CST campaign. Their concept was to make the seat belt fashionable and part of your everyday wardrobe. Cristy couldn’t make it for the shoot but I went and represented the blog. Our task was very simple: style and create your own outfit around the seat belt shirt!


Seatbelt? CHECK!


Frances Estrada is a fashion blogger from The Pecking Order of Style.


Carla Fernández from the facebook page Oda a la Moda. She launched her new blog just yesterday!


Two thumbs up for safety.


I’m wearing a unknown blouse underneath the seatbelt shirt, a skort from Marshalls ($14.99), heels ($29.99) and blazer ($19.99) from Zara, and Revlon colorburst matte balm in Audacious shade (245).


Seatbelt on!


Jean Cintrón from the facebook page Jean Cintrón Photography.


Andrea Devoto from the fashion blog, Andrea’s Devotion.



Thanks to Abnel González Photography for the pictures, Frances who contacted him and Angeline Salado who approached us for the campaign!

Frances Estrada – The Pecking Order of Style

Carla Fernández – Oda a la Moda

Jean Cintrón – Jean Cintrón Photography

Andrea Devoto – Andrea’s Devotion

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The Brunch Pack

As you may have seen in our last few posts, Cristy and I met a group of bloggers at San Juan Moda here in Puerto Rico. Since then we’ve been trying to get together but our schedules never seemed to coincide. Finally, we agreed to meet at a restaurant in Condado (San Juan) called Blonda for brunch.

Cristy is well aware of my slight obsession with brunch. I’ve always been a breakfast person and brunch is the perfect excuse to have eggs, toasts, and pancakes at whatever time you wake up (I may be a breakfast person, but I’m not a early riser). Plus, anything that makes it socially acceptable to drink before noon is fine with me.


From left to right: Andrea Devoto, Gabriela Luciano (It’s her first time on our blog), Cristy and I.


I ordered Eggs Benedict with Spinach.


Gabriela ordered French Toast with Strawberries. When Cristy saw it, she said it looked like a breakfast cake, it was that big. Let’s talk about the mimosas: mine is not pictured here but I just want to add that I ordered a Mimosa Margarita and it was perfection.


Even Cristy’s cappuccino could not be saved from the ombre trend.


Andrea is wearing sunglasses from 80’s Purple and earrings from Forever 21.


I’m wearing jacket ($25.99) and blouse ($9.99) from Old Navy, unknown short jeans, bag from Novus ($59.99), heels from Zara ($89.99) and Ray-Ban sunglasses.


This is called fake talking.


Cristy is wearing a dress from Old Navy, sunglasses from BCBG Generation and a bag from Marshalls.


I’m personally not a fan of Ray-Ban’s but I forgot my sunglasses that day so I borrowed these from my sister.


Gabriela is wearing a top and heels from Zara, bag from Kate Spade, skirt from Forever 21 and sunglasses from Zero UV.


For the rest of the outfit Andrea chose to wear a top from Marshalls, shorts and bag from Forever 21, and shoes (not pictured here, of course) from Zara.


My obsession for brunch is equal to my obsession for mixed prints.




As you can see, the wind was completely out of control.

Pictures by Jean Cintron Photography.

Andrea’s blog is called Andrea’s Devotion and Gabriela’s is called Picara by Gabriela Luciano (To visit their blogs just click on the links on their blog names).

More blog posts coming soon, see you on Tuesday!

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