The getting off the plane feeling

Fun Fact: I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent the first six years of my life there. Do I remember anything… nope not at all. Well that’s a lie I remember hiding in dog house eating the dog’s food which… really had nothing to do with the culture or the lifestyle we had down there. OR maybe the contrary…

The month of May 2017 was my first time going back since we left for good. I was nervous. I wasn’t sure how I was suppose to feel. This is my birth place, this is where my mother grew up. Up until now I have heard mostly negative facts about the country and the dangers the dangers that happen in it.

We got picked up from the airport by a car service and he wrote our names out on a piece of paper and was waiting for us when we went through the doors.( haha felt fabulous) Driving through the city to where our airbnb was interesting, it was night time, there were city lights, I could see the hills and nice looking houses. I still wasn’t quite sure how I was feeling. We got to our airbnb and the owner was there, she assured us that in Camps Bay it is a very crime free neighbourhood. So I felt good. There was a key that you needed to get into the building, another key to get to the front foyer, and then another key for the screen door and the front door. So that was definitely a longer process… but did make me feel safer.

The next day we went to pick up the car at the car rental dealership. On our way we drove through a part of down town Cape Town with skyscrapers all around us. I felt safe in the car, although if I were to step out maybe not so much. We were at a red light, I was sitting in the back and literally saw this elderly lady get pick pocketed by a group of boys that looked like they were in their twenties. It was an uncomfortable feeling seeing it, I felt conflicted. Like could I have gotten out of the car and helped but also was I risking my own life. The light turned green and we continued driving. I didn’t say a thing. I think about this time a lot, there is no way of knowing what could have happened if I helped. It just sums up the unsure feeling I had about this place. 

The getting off the plane feeling… was filled with so much. It was a new environment, a totally new society, and a new adventure. I highly recommend everyone to go, it is a trip of a lifetime that you are guaranteed to leave with great, hilarious memories. As the trip went on I began to feel so much more at ease. I went from being too nervous to speak out side to being able to walk on the street at night by myself and greet other people around. It’s a beautiful country and don’t let the fear of security stop you from visiting.

The food. The food is definitely a reason to visit. It is incredible. There was no meal that I did not enjoy. There was everything from tapas, Indian, vegan, to amazing burgers, fish, calamari. Till this day I crave my favourite restaurants down in Camps Bay. My favourite thing when I’m travelling is wandering through the grocery store. Every time we took a visit I tried to pick up something different every time. Once I got a tetra pack of custard ahah it was so good! Experiment with the candy, google some of their delicacies or traditions. If you see boerewors on a menu GET IT! It’s a type of sausage but soo much better! In the grocery store go to the meat counter and ask for dried vors or biltong. MMMmmm it’s smoked meat but better than beef jerky. The most expensive thing you’ll pay for is your plane ticket. This vacation is truly the best, exotic, beach, amazing food and doesn’t have to be expensive.  

Please do yourself and your Insta feed a favour and take this trip!





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