15 Closet Staples

Getting creative with your wardrobe is always fun, but there are some things it’s always good to have. They’re versatile, simple, and basic, but also necessary and attractive. Here are 15 closet staples you should always have on hand.

1. Leather Jacket

The beauty of a leather jacket is you can wear it with almost anything. Throw it over a black skirt and band shirt for “rocker chic”, or put it with dress pants and a nice shirt for a more polished look.


2.  Jean Jacket

Similar to the leather jacket, these bad boys go with mostly everything. If you want one that’s a little different, get a jean jacket with embroidery or fur on the collar.


3. Pea Coat

Perfect for fall and winter, a simple pea coat always makes you look polished and put together.


4. White button down blouse

Simple and classic, the white button down ties together any outfit. It goes wonderfully with jeans (shorts or pants), a pencil skirt, or dress pants. Perfect for an office setting or a casual day out


5. Plain black and white t-shirts

These are a given. They go with everything, can go under dresses or paired with jeans. Obviously necessary.

6. Black pumps

The classic. They match with almost everything you could ever wear, and are always



7. Booties

The fall staple for sure, great to wear to school, or out to a bar.


8. Little black dress

A given. The go-to for any setting. Sexy and sleek, the LBD will take you far

9. Blazer

To professionalize a casual look, or to add an accent to a plain ensemble, blazers come oversized or fitted, bright colours and patterns, or black and white, making them easy and versatile.


10. Simple watch

A watch is an easy way to look classy and sleek, with minimal effort. A simple watch really adds style to an outfit, and makes you look very put together.


11. Well fitting blue and black jeans

Jeans will take you from a date, to a Sunday on the couch, to a club. Jeans that look good make you feel good.


12. Cozy sweater or cardigan

We ALL love being cozy, and having that sweater or cardigan that makes you feel comfortable and warm is a must. Try to find one that’s nice enough to wear out with a pair of jeans, and cozy enough to snuggle up in on the couch.


13. Denim shorts

The staple of summer, everything goes with a pair of denim shorts. There are endless different styles, so it’s easy to choose what fits you best.

14. Pencil skirt

A classy pencil skirt will take you far. They always look good at work, with a crisp top tucked in, yet when worn with a large sweater they still look cute and professional. Just take it from Rachel Zane (she is engaged to the prince after all…) 


15. Classic flats

For the days when your feet hurt too much to slip on heels, or if you prefer to have your feet on the ground at all times, the classic flat is a must. Easy to run to the store in or to wear to the office, a flat can go with almost anything.


Some additional suggestions…in case you’re looking for a little more.

-Black leggings

-Well fitting dress pants

-A statement necklace

Love always,


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