What to do when you’re having a bad day

This morning I woke up late, with a painful kink in my neck after sleeping wrong, a sore throat, and my period. I then somehow got lost on the way to work (making me even later than I was before), spilt hot tea all over myself, and had to leave a meeting twice in a row because I thought I was going to be sick in the conference room. It was not a good day.


In fact, to put it in the great words of Alexander (from the book by Judy Viorst) today was a “Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.” I know I’m not the only one who feels like shit sometimes, so I’m going to let you know what I do to help the day get a little brighter.

  1. Listen to music

It kind of depends on the severity of the bad day. I would say I usually listen to sad/chill music that’s going to make me cry if it’s an emotional type of day. You know, the kind where you just feel like you’re on the edge of tears all day? But if everything Is just going wrong, I blast some music that’ll force me to sing along. Perhaps some Shania Twain, or the classis, You had a bad day by Daniel Powder.

  1. Take a bath

Bath’s are the bomb, or you could say a “Bath Bomb”  (haha…) Seriously they are super relaxing and I love them. Light a candle, grab a mag, throw some bubbles in the tub and just chill out.

  1. Get some comfort food

My food of choice today was a burrito. Doesn’t have to be healthy, just eat some chocolate and a burger and enjoy it.


  1. Tea!!!

Tea is my everything. I drink a lot of it. But there is nothing like a cup of tea on a bad day. Like a warm blanket on your tummy, as my mum would say. If you don’t like tea, you could have a hot chocolate, or if you’re feeling it, a glass of wine.

  1. Moisturize

This sounds silly, but I always feel good after I moisturize

  1. Go to sleep.

Just go to sleep early. Sometimes it’s best to snuggle into comfy clothes and under big blankets and hit the hay.



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