Best places to shop…inexpensively

Sometimes, it’s hard to shop and not spend all your savings in a day. It’s pretty easy to find good shops online (Asos, Missguided, etc) but unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of online shopping (things never quite fit properly). Here are my favourite, physical stores, with good deals and inexpensive clothes, keeping with quality.

Plato’s closet

Great little consignment store chain. A lot of good quality clothes, Plato’s is really picky about what the accept, so you know what you’re getting will be in good shape.


UK Designer sales

This is a sale that is run by a female designer and her husband. They get sample items from the UK (most hand sewn from beginning to end by one seamstress) and sell them for really inexpensive prices (I’m talking $15 dollars), since the sample cannot be sold in stores. A lot of these pieces are unique and one-off, so you will always look unique, and some you will see in stores 6 months later, way more expensive. Get on their e-mail list by clicking here



I love Aldo, but doesn’t everybody? You can always get cute shoes (both classic, and trendy) and the prices are way better than you’re going to get at a high-end store, and still good quality.


Value village

If you look, value village can be great. We all know it’s cheap, and I recommend washing the clothes after you bought it, but it’s great when you get some good finds.



Winners is the BEST, as is their counter part, Home Sense. The prices are inexpensive, and they have designer clothing such as Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger. Sometimes you have to search a bit, but you can find a ton of stuff.



Especially good for business attire, Dynamite is great. Dress pants, nice tops, faux leather skirts and pants, business casual dresses…Dynamite is a one stop shop to look trendy on the streets and in the office.


The Kind Exchange

The Kind Exchange is a vintage and consignment store. They always have awesome clothes, including designer items, and for a good price. There are multiple locations throughout Toronto, and they are constantly updating their Instagram page with new items. You can also call and put things on hold if you see something you love!



Again, we all love Zara. It always has a great selection of “out there” items, on trend clothing, and Zara Basics. Zara is found everywhere, from fashion blogs to magazines, and I recommend. It also has a great sale section online and in store!! Which brings me to my next list…


Best Sale sections

These are a couple more pricy, but great stores, that have really awesome clearance and sale sections.


Last time I went to Topshop, half the store was on clearance, I got $90 jeans for $45, and it was all buy one get one free, so I then got a shirt for free. I almost always leave the Topshop sale rack with something in hand.


Mendo is PRICY don’t get me wrong, but I find their sale rack usually has some pretty nice stuff at very decent prices. Check it out next time you’re near one.

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