The Little things to be Grateful for

1 thing to be grateful for everyday of the month

Find beauty in the Ordinary –

  1. Umbrellas – because they keep us dry when its pouring rain
  2. Telephone technology – because it’s easy to keep in touch with people you love
  3. Running water – For obvious reasons
  4. Friendly bus drivers/Uber drivers – Because a smiling face and a nice interaction can brighten a day
  5. Chairs with wheels – Chairs without wheels are very difficult to deal with…especially on mondays
  6. Receiving mail that isn’t bills – It’s so rare now; it’s exciting to read a letter, get a magazine or even coupons!
  7. Your favourite lipstick – or piece of jewelry or whatever little thing makes you feel confident
  8. 24 hour diners – For late night pancakes
  9. Tea – and other hot drinks, for comfort and warmth on cold nights
  10. Stars – because they are one of natures real beauties
  11. Sun Screen – Because being burned sucks
  12. Finding change on the ground – That dime could be what you need next time u are short for the bus or your coffee
  13. Flowers – Beautiful both in your home or add color on your walks to the bus stop
  14. Music – For giving us something to relate every emotion with
  15. To-go breakfasts – Because we all have busy mornings and… it is the most important meal of the day
  16. Pictures – Digital or film, they hold a lot of memories
  17. Trees – Not only beautiful and give us life but also the ability to hide from the sun or write in our diaries
  18. Sun dresses – For being an easy outfit to throw on all summer long
  19. Headphones – To help any workout or commute go by faster
  20. Kind bosses – For making the work day easier, and enjoyable
  21. Blankets – For instant warmth and coziness
  22. Candles – For making rooms smell great, plus generating light & heat
  23. Good books – For pulling you into a different world
  24. Comfy shoes – They make a real difference in your day
  25. Bubble baths – For helping you relax and smell nice
  26. Nail polish – Because it feels good when your nails look great
  27. Perfect pillows – Because waking up with a snore neck is the worst
  28. Moisturizer – For silky smooth skin
  29. Debit/Credit Tap – Paying has never been quicker
  30. Haircuts – Because they can feel life changing
  31. Little, ordinary, acts of kindness – They really are everywhere if you just take a look (and when you get the opportunity to send out a little kindness as well)

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