My 10 Packing Tips

Here are my packing tips for your next trip!! Most of my vacations involve a giant backpack, but these still work if a suitcase is more your style. I wish I could say I can afford to bring 3 suitcases worth of stuff (because that’s what I want to do) but I can’t, so I usually try and stuff it into a carry on! Hope these help you pack for your adventure 🙂

PS I’ve attached some pics of outfits I wore on my last trip, just so you have an idea of what I’m talking about!


1.Pack versatile pieces

This is so important. Pack things that go with a lot of stuff. You want to be able to mix and much as much as possible without looking like your repeating your outfits. I.e, I wore this white tank top with like everything, and I brought black shorts that could go with like 4 of my tops.



2.Bring a couple statement accessories

As important as it is to be able to wear items multiple times in different ways, if you bring a couple pieces that are bold or stand out, they can easily jazz up a basic outfit. On my last trip, I went with hats to make my outfits stand out a little more. This pic shows my red hat (from Aldo) but I also had a black beret, and a baseball cap!


3.Pack for what you’re doing

Due to how anal I am about organization, I usually know a lot of these activities I’m planning on doing before I go to a location. For example, on the last trip I knew I needed a nicer dress to wear to Monaco, since it’s such a boujie place. However, most of the days were going to be spent walking around, eating, and touring, which meant easy outfits.


4.Break in your shoes

Odds are you will be doing A LOT of walking, and no one looks cute when they’re limping everywhere because their feet hurt (I learned this the hard way). I bought a beautiful brand new pair of white block heels, and within one day my toes were bleeding. They weren’t worn again for the rest of the trip. Make sure your shoes are VERY comfy. (I had my superstars on A LOT by the end, featured in the pic)


5.Check the weather

This is probably a given, but before you go somewhere always check the weather for when you’ll be there (or around that time). You want to make sure you don’t have a bag full of sweaters in summer weather, or vice versa. For example, even though we were only in Iceland for 24 hours, I knew it was going to be pretty cold so I made sure I had a rain jacket and a long sleeve t.


6.Try on your outfits beforehand

Something I always do is try on a bunch of outfits beforehand to make sure they all look good, and that I can wear multiple tops and bottoms together. I just do a mini fashion show in my room and check off everything I’m going to bring on a list. Which brings me to my next point…


7.Make a list!

I’m pretty bias because I live on lists, but i genuinely think they are so important and helpful. It helps to make sure you don’t forget anything when you’re packing, and is a great way to put visually all of the things you are bringing. Definitely a must.


8.Keep “clean” and “dirty” bags for underwear and socks

I just used big ziplocks bags, but if you have other ones you like to use that’s good too. It makes it so much easier than searching through your bag trying to tell find a pair of clean underwear and you’re not even sure what you’ve worn. Keeping them in two separate bags saves time and energy.


9.Use packing blocks

I didn’t use these, but Jacquie did and they seemed great. They’re little zip up blocks you put in your backpack or bag so you can organize your shirts, pants, etc. If you know in your next location you’re going to wear a certain outfit, you put that in a block and put it at the top of your bag. Makes organization so much better.


10.Look up the style

Certain places have certain styles (i.e Paris) that you will clearly see when you arrive. Do some research if you’re interested in dressing like a local!!


That’s all the tips I’ve got! If you have any to add throw them in the comment section!


Love always,

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