Tips for a Stress-free Flight

This year I have had my share of airplanes from 40 minutes flights to an 11 hour flight. I’ll be honest I’d rather be on an 11 hour flight than a 40 minute one. I find I get so much more flying anxiety when it comes to the short ‘up annnnnd now your down’ rides. I have learnt a few tips and tricks to help me stay calm, cool and collected during the whole thing.

The day before your flight… This takes some thinking in advance. This is the time where I double check when my flight is and where the airport is. Trust me it happens when I’ve thought that my flight is in the afternoon at one airport when in reality it’s in the morning at another airport. So the double checking is crucial. Also this is the time to check how long it takes to get to the airport and if I gotta uber, or is there a cheaper public transit method that usually may take a little longer but definitely save me some dollars. Then I gotta make a plan for when to leave the hostel or hotel. Also pack my bag! Do not! I repeat DO NOT leave packing your bag for the morning of, because it will make your morning feel so much more rushed and scatter brained. Also if you can check in! This will save you from waiting in a potential long line! If your a nervous flyer you know these lines can sometimes feed into your nerves, so if you can skip em why not.

Before I leave for the airport…This is usually the morning of or a few hours before leaving to go the airport. Once I’ve figured out how I’m getting to the airport and have all my things packed and double check that I have checked in, I make my way to the airport. Bonus tip: I try to carry as less things as possible! So I can be hands free and have one bag with pockets or compartments so my essentials are still accessible. This really makes me feel organized and stress free. Having your passport and phone in a super easy to reach pouch, but is still secure, is important because you will pull this out at least 5 times.

On my way to the airport… Sit and relax, try not to watch the time pass. I hope I’m not the only one but I literally stare at the clock till I get to the airport. So for recent trips I try to listen to music or a podcast. I also found that if I go through the process of what I have to do once I get to the airport it helps a lot for when I actually arrive. This helps especially when I’m heading to an airport I’ve never been too. This makes me feel less stress because I feel prepared for what sign to look out for and not waste time walking in circles.

My check list ..

  1. Check in -> hopefully did it online but if not… not to worry just follow step 2 and check in there (psst best to do it online beforehand because some airlines will charge you to check in at the airport)
  2. Look at the board (these boards are huge and should be like 5 meters from the main departure doors – at all the airports I’ve been to at least) to see where my airline has check in counters …check in my luggage because I’ll be honest I’m an overpacker
  3. Now that I’ve got some baggage off my back…lets head to security – I think to myself I have no liquids that are over 50 mL or electronics with a keyboard and if I do that’s fine just take them out in line so that I don’t feel rushed by the security guard or the person behind me. Get to the security cou
    nter, some ask to take your shoes off…some do not but just be warned! And don’t sass them either because your bag will be ‘randomly searched’ 😉
  4. Phew now that I’ve made it to ‘the other side’ time to look at another board just in case my gate has changed or the flights been delayed.
  5. Lastly I like to go to my gate so I know where it is! If there’s time have a little look around at DUTY FREEE!!

At the airport waiting to board…Take a motion sickness medication like gravol. I like to take the natural ginger ones. I use to get so sick on airplanes, thankfully I think I may have grown out of it but I’ve been there…entering a new country covered in puke ahha Trust the ginger candies help a lot.  Make sure you know what to expect on the plane. Will there be chargers by your seat? Will food be available for purchase or included? Just so you can be prepared and buy a bite to eat near your gate or spend your time at the charging station.

On the airplane…The take off and landing… this is the worst part for me. So I grab a piece of gum, or candy, sucking something does help in regulating your ears and the shifting of the air pressure. I then put in my headphones (put my phone on airplane mode) and listen to music or a podcast. I try and do this as soon as I get on the plane so I can try and fall a sleep before we even take off. Sleeping does make the time pass faster.

The arrival… you may now breath and relax. YOU MADE IT!



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