Packing tips for camping

Our friend group goes camping every year, we love it. We’re not super intense campers who go out into the middle of a forest somewhere, but we do camp where there are no bathrooms or running water. These are my camping tips for your next camping trip like ours, where you can still get to your car in 5 minutes and a town in 20.

  1. Don’t over pack – you’re going to be wearing the same clothes over and over, trust me
  2. Don’t pack anything you love – it will get ruined/dirty, especially if it’s a hard to wash material
  3. Bring multiple bathing suits – no one likes putting on a wet one
  4. Pack food that’s easy to make – especially if there are a lot of people with you, you don’t want to fight for fire and cooking time
  5. Your tent will really fit half of the amount of people that the box states – When you add your bag, your air mattress, your sleeping bag, a 4 person tent becomes a 2 person tent
  6. Bring floaties – swimming out on the lake is a lot of exercise and while fun, it’s nice to have something you can lie on and just float
  7. Don’t forget the essentials! – By the essentials I mean sunscreen, bug spray, and Advil, they will all come in super handy
  8. Bring comfy shoes – sneakers if you’re planning to do a lot of walking, and just casual sandals for being around the campsite and getting in and out of the water
  9. Bring a head lamp – You can pick up a head lamp almost anywhere (including Walmart for 10 bucks!). It has a band that wraps around your head and it will really help you see when walking around at night
  10. Bring warm clothes – Just because it’s the dead of summer doesn’t mean you won’t be cold as hell at night, bring some warmies
  11. Take lots of water – if you don’t want to ruin the environment with a 24 pack of water bottles, bring 1 giant jug with a filter or bring a water purifier so you can use water from the lake

Let us know your camping packing tips in the comments!

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