Our 2020 fall bucket list

With the start of fall comes chilly nights, beautiful leaves, big sweaters, cozy fires, comfort food, and so much more. The only downside of fall is how quickly it passes us by, so we always want to make the most of the season. Check out our fall to-do list below, and follow along on our stories as we try to get through all of them. 

Bake pumpkin seeds
This is my ultimate favourite fall snack, and makes getting your fingers all goopy from carving the pumpkin a little more worth it. I love to sprinkle one batch with salt and one batch with cinnamon sugar. This year I’ll be adding chickpeas to bake among the tray of seeds, which I think will make for a great fall trail mix. 

Go on a fall-foliage filled nature hike 
There is nothing quite like the colours of the leaves in fall, and the best way to truly see them is to immerse yourself in nature with a hike. It’s the perfect excuse to dress cute and cozy and head outdoors before it gets too cold. 

Decorate the house 
With fall wreaths, thanksgiving decor, or spooky Halloween items, decorating your house for fall is always fun. Check out some DIY tutorials on Youtube or Pinterest for easy and inexpensive ideas. 

Stranger things marathon
We have never watched this show but it’s always been on the list for me. What better time to binge watch the show than this spooky season. 

Organize the closet
I didn’t do a spring cleaning, and the clothes are piling up. I’m going to be using this new season as an excuse to purge old items and get ready for new ones 😉

Drink apple cider
AHH this is the best liquid on the planet. I wish it had real health benefits because this time of year I probably consume more apple cider than water… Forget pumpkin spice, the best drink at Starbucks this time of year is the Hot Apple Caramel Spice. 

Go bobbing for apples
This seems like such a fun game I see in movies all the time and have always wanted to try. Now that it’s on the to do list, we must do it! It’s just a bucket of apples floating in a tub of water…and you have to stick your head in the bucket to try and grab the apples. Good luck!

Organize my room 
When our environment is clean and organized we feel our best and are the most productive. Disagree all you want, facts are facts and once your room is clean and organized you’ll know what we’re talking about. 

Go apple picking
Ah apple picking, the falliest of all fall activities. Apples are delicious (get it? A delicious apple?) especially when they’re picked fresh or baked into a tasty fall dessert. 

Go to Spirit Tree 
If you’re in the GTA you have to check out this hidden gem. You can go apple picking, shop in their market and you have to try their fire oven cooked pizzas. Can’t forget their cider either… get a flight of them or pick up a couple cans to take home. 

Bake a pecan pie
This is one of my favourite things to bake and… it’s the easiest! 

Decorate a pumpkin 
This year I think I’ll be saving my pumpkin for some soup, but decorating one will still definitely occur. Maybe with some stickers…water-based paint…check out our insta @thebrokegirlsofficial to see how they turn out!

Go to pumpkin patch 
Is it really fall if you didn’t take a picture in a pumpkin patch? Not for us! Not only is finding the perfect pumpkin fun, they often have hot drinks and cool corn mazes too!

Go go-karting
This is an all year round fun activity, but right now the weather perfect for being outdoors so why not do something exhilarating. 

Go to the drive in 
The nights are getting brisk but this is the perfect time to cozy up in your trunk with some good friends and good snacks to watch the new releases. 

Build a scarecrow
I have always wanted to build my own scarecrow, so this year i’ll be rummaging through my closet for old clothes, getting a couple 2×4’s, and picking up some burlap and straw. This is a great activity for the family as well! The best part… you get to show your new pal off on the front lawn. 

Waterfall hike in Hamilton 
This time of year why not visit the city of waterfalls? If you need a couple lunch spots just slide into our dm’s, I’d be happy to suggest a few! 

Bake Pillsbury Halloween cookies
You know the ones – with a pumpkin or a ghost on them? These cookies are fantastic, and they’re the perfect companion to a Halloween movie night with a warm cup of tea or apple cider. 

Halloween movie marathon 
We love a Halloween movie night! It doesn’t have to be scary (Check out our not-scary Halloween movie list), but it’s the perfect way to spend a cold Friday night. 

Go to a haunted house 
COVID permitting, a haunted house is a spooky and a fun thing to do just before Halloween! 

Make a delicious fall meal
Fall brings some incredible produce, with lots of harvest veggies perfect for an amazing meal. Add a tasty roast chicken or turkey, or just stick to veggies. There is nothing like some comfort food on a crisp fall evening. 

We hope you enjoy this fall bucket list and are able to cross some of these things off yourself! Like we mentioned, follow along with us on Insta through the season as we complete the list. 

Love always, Nic
Xoxo, Jac

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