How to have the best 25!

As of November 27, I am officially 25 years old. That means half way to 50, 1 quarter of a century, and older than Rachel and Monica in season 1 of Friends. Looking back on the last 25 years, I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way, and I still have a lot more learning to do. To me, 25 feels like my youth is coming to an end. I’m still young, and life is still full of possibilities, but I’m at an age where people around me, myself included, are starting their real adult life. Their careers, marriages, homes, and so on. Thinking about this in terms of my big 25, I know that I will make mistakes and grow from them, but I wanted to make sure I was continuing to make decisions that will further improve my life. 

So, for my 25th birthday, I asked women aged 30 and above what advice they would give their 25 year old self if they could go back. I hope this advice is as helpful and inspiring to you as it is to me. 

“Don’t make boys a priority. Make yourself a priority and find joy in everything you accomplish. Put in a real effort to make your dreams and goals come true and at the same time spend as many weekends going dancing with friends as you can.” – Randa, 56 

“Things always work out the way they are meant to when the time is right. Be patient and always put good intentions out there, they always come back to you in some way. All my dreams have come true.” – Sabrina, 42

“It might not seem like it, but time will go by fast. Agree to be “here” and not just bracing against life. Work on being present. Whatever your theory is, you will find proof, so work on positive theories. Don’t give your power away by caring too much about what people think about you. Be true to who you are and you will attract the right puzzle pieces. There is always hope, don’t waste your life with worry. Release any thoughts that serve no purpose but to create stress. All we have is the present” – Lisa O’Donnel, 54

“Don’t stress about being on the same timeline as everyone else. Everything is happening the way it’s meant to be.” – Nicole, 30 

“Be a strong, independent woman and don’t give a damn what people think of you. You don’t need their approval to do what you want as long as you don’t hurt anyone. Be kind to yourself and accept your faults. Live life to the fullest and within your means. Tell yourself you are beautiful inside and out.” – Patricia, 53

“Do all the things and make all the mistakes.” – Gabi, 30 

“Believe in yourself and seek out opportunities, especially if they are outside your comfort zone. Embrace disappointments and failures, expect they will happen and understand they are the best lessons in building resilience. Trust God and turn your worries over to Him, he will always be there for you. Make the most of your time, it is precious and goes by quickly. Build relationships with leaders in your field and community. Lastly, make exercise a natural part of your daily life.” – Karen, 56 

“I would take more risks in my career, embrace my pre-baby body, and of course – sleep in more!” – Julie, 38 

“I would tell myself most things are not as big a deal as I think they are and I’m beautiful just the way I am. Friends and boys will come and go but family is forever, and to have fun but also have goals. Also, to start putting money away right now. Lastly, no matter what is happening, tomorrow can always look different (and usually does). – Carol, 57

“Set a goal and do your best to achieve it” – Anonymous 

“Don’t rush into marriage. If you’re looking to settle down with someone, remember that you will be spending forever with them, so choose wisely and don’t ignore red flags – don’t rush it, it’s the rest of your life. Also, always keep your true friends close.” – Molly, 86 

“Speak up for yourself and don’t be a people pleaser” – Sheila, 55 

“I would pay more attention to my surroundings, build better relationships with great friends and inspiring people, and be more curious about things that I was interested in so I can experience them!” – Joanne, Age unknown

“Always look at life as an adventure, you never know where in the world it will take you.
Adventure as a verb means;‘ to engage in exciting activity, especially the exploration of unknown territory’.
Always know your worth. Health is wealth; if you respect your body, it will respect you. Always surround yourself with friends that make you laugh. Be open to all opportunities, you never know where one might lead. French fries are the ultimate treat – eat them in celebration, on vacation, or from your cousin’s plate haha. And finally, last word; There will come a time in life, when the adventurous spirit will pivot – it will look to stillness, certainty, security, and protection. Until then, celebrate all the adventures you can at 25!” – Lynn, 56 

“Don’t allow your value to be defined by the opinions of people around you. Know your worth, and don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise!” – Krista, 39

“Live your life exactly the way you want to, travel the world and invest your money wisely” – Debbie, 60 

These words of wisdom came from women of all different ages and all different walks of life. I hope they inspire you as much as they do me ☺ 

Love always, 

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