Making the most of another lockdown

Sick of Zoom? Feel like you’ve done all the bread baking you possibly can? As we hit another lockdown, I had to get creative with how to make this lockdown livable, and maybe bring back some ideas we had last time around.

  • Get crafting.

Check out TikTok, Pinterest, and many Instagram accounts for fun and easy craft ideas to keep you entertained.

  • Learn  to cook a whole new style of cuisine

Of course there are 100 million Youtube tutorials on different recipes, and on Masterclass you can learn from professional chefs to. Instead of baking another loaf of bread, learn how to cook food from a new country you’ve never attempted before. Not only is it fun, but it’s also tasty!

  • House renovations/room upgrades

You might have already been doing these like I have, but I say there is always another room to improve. Grab a can of paint, some art and dust off your DIY skills.

  • Read, read, read

The thing about life is it gets busy. Things like reading go out the window when we are hustling and bustling everywhere, hugging our phones as we fall asleep. Take some time to read a new series or bust out an old favourite.

  • Take time to meditate

We all know it’s important to take time for yourself and your mental health. Taking at least 10 minutes to meditate is good for your mind and a great way to start the day, especially since you may not be commuting to work – take some time for you before hopping into your emails.

  • Go sledding and skating!

Sure we may not be able to go many places, but you can still venture into the great outdoors, hop on your toboggan and slide down a big hill just like you’re a kid! Or lace up your skates and find a local pond.

  • Write

Even if you’re not a “writer”, just write. Write a diary, a dream journal, a bullet journal, a blog post, your thoughts and feelings. It’s a good form of therapy and who knows? You may have a new passion.  

These are the small things I will be doing during this never-ending lockdown to keep myself entertained and my spirits high. Of course, I will also be binge watching Netflix and ordering take-out, but continuing to use this time to learn new skills and grow will hopefully leave me feeling satisfied, as I hope it will you.

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