How to refresh your current wardrobe

We all have days where we feel like we have nothing to wear! Picture this: You’ve pulled out everything in your drawers, half of your closet is lying on your bed, and you’ve shouted “I have nothing to wear!” at least 4 times already. Does that sound familiar? Then let me help!

Below are 6 ways that you can revamp the wardrobe you already have, to help you feel fresh and save you from spending money on new clothes.

Have fun with accessories and jewelry!
Your jewelry can entirely change an outfit as simple as jeans and a t-shirt. Layer some necklaces, add multiple different rings, or spice it up with some funky, fun earrings.

Add a belt
This probably sounds very simple, but adding a cool or sleek belt to an outfit truly changes the look. For example, this summer I took the matching tie that came with my paper bag shorts, and swapped it for a silver buckled belt, and it completely changed the vibe.

Mix patterns
Anyone who says you can’t mix patterns is way off. If you need some inspiration for this one, check Pinterest, or (if you have it) watch Tan France’s Masterclass – he does a great job of explaining how to mix patterns. Plaid and stripes, Gingham and hound’s-tooth, have fun with it!

Get your clothes properly tailored
This is likely something you should have already done, but if your clothes are feeling kind of drab lately, make sure everything is properly tailored. It really changes a look when your blazer sleeves hit your wrist at the perfect spot.

Switch your shoe type
Wear your dress with some sneakers, or some heels with your jeans! Swapping out your obvious or frequently used shoe choice can make you feel like you’re wearing an entirely new outfit!

Mix textures
Like mixing patterns, mixing textures is something we often avoid but should absolutely incorporate. Just be confident in your pattern mixing! Fur, leather, velvet, silk… they’re all wonderful and look great, so trying to get a couple different ones into one outfit is a great idea.

I hope these ideas make you feel like you can get some great new outfits out of your everyday wardrobe without breaking the bank!

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