The Little things to be Grateful for

1 thing to be grateful for everyday of the month

Find beauty in the Ordinary –

  1. Umbrellas – because they keep us dry when its pouring rain
  2. Telephone technology – because it’s easy to keep in touch with people you love
  3. Running water – For obvious reasons
  4. Friendly bus drivers/Uber drivers – Because a smiling face and a nice interaction can brighten a day
  5. Chairs with wheels – Chairs without wheels are very difficult to deal with…especially on mondays
  6. Receiving mail that isn’t bills – It’s so rare now; it’s exciting to read a letter, get a magazine or even coupons!
  7. Your favourite lipstick – or piece of jewelry or whatever little thing makes you feel confident
  8. 24 hour diners – For late night pancakes
  9. Tea – and other hot drinks, for comfort and warmth on cold nights
  10. Stars – because they are one of natures real beauties
  11. Sun Screen – Because being burned sucks
  12. Finding change on the ground – That dime could be what you need next time u are short for the bus or your coffee
  13. Flowers – Beautiful both in your home or add color on your walks to the bus stop
  14. Music – For giving us something to relate every emotion with
  15. To-go breakfasts – Because we all have busy mornings and… it is the most important meal of the day
  16. Pictures – Digital or film, they hold a lot of memories
  17. Trees – Not only beautiful and give us life but also the ability to hide from the sun or write in our diaries
  18. Sun dresses – For being an easy outfit to throw on all summer long
  19. Headphones – To help any workout or commute go by faster
  20. Kind bosses – For making the work day easier, and enjoyable
  21. Blankets – For instant warmth and coziness
  22. Candles – For making rooms smell great, plus generating light & heat
  23. Good books – For pulling you into a different world
  24. Comfy shoes – They make a real difference in your day
  25. Bubble baths – For helping you relax and smell nice
  26. Nail polish – Because it feels good when your nails look great
  27. Perfect pillows – Because waking up with a snore neck is the worst
  28. Moisturizer – For silky smooth skin
  29. Debit/Credit Tap – Paying has never been quicker
  30. Haircuts – Because they can feel life changing
  31. Little, ordinary, acts of kindness – They really are everywhere if you just take a look (and when you get the opportunity to send out a little kindness as well)

Finding Fashion in Film

For as long as I can remember I have been addicted to watching movies, and as I aged that obsession with movies became a passion for the study of film. Not just enjoying a movies plot line (I tend to lean towards the stereotypical romantic comedy) but the symbolism, the set design, the meaning and use of specific camera angles, and of course, the costumes. (more…)

Best places to shop…inexpensively

Sometimes, it’s hard to shop and not spend all your savings in a day. It’s pretty easy to find good shops online (Asos, Missguided, etc) but unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of online shopping (things never quite fit properly). Here are my favourite, physical stores, with good deals and inexpensive clothes, keeping with quality.


What to do when you’re having a bad day

This morning I woke up late, with a painful kink in my neck after sleeping wrong, a sore throat, and my period. I then somehow got lost on the way to work (making me even later than I was before), spilt hot tea all over myself, and had to leave a meeting twice in a row because I thought I was going to be sick in the conference room. It was not a good day.


Checklist for Victoria, British Columbia

I was in Victoria for little over a month, the first week I was there was all it took for the city to completely take my heart. The city has the country feel with city ambiance, it’s magical. My favourite memory is sitting on these steps between two restaurants(The Local and Darcy’s)  at Bastion Square, listening to a busker (Fintan O’neil) who’s there most Sundays definitely look him up urg amazing! Looking into the distance at the port where water planes are landing. It was a home away from home feeling. 

(Bastion Square- Finton O’neil busking)


A Weekend in Vancouver

How a day trip to Vancouver turned into a weekend.

We went out the Friday night to Sticky Wickets, our favourite place in Victoria, and end the night earlier than usual but still at McDonalds. Because we were getting the first ferry out to Vancouver. We say goodnight and four hours later we meet back at the parking lot with a good morning.

That McDonalds was not enough for dinner, after bar snack and breakfast…so unfortunately we stayed in line for breakfast on the ferry the entire way and got mediocre eggs but filled bellies for tons of walking.

Off the ferry we get a day bus pass because we plan on seeing most of this city in the next 10 hours… Beginning with Granville Island. It was really cute. Reminded me of the distillery district in Toronto but surrounded by mountains and ocean. The food there was amazing. Grab some fresh bagels & smoked salmon, calamari, fish and chips and settle yourself a little picnic. SO delicious my stomach is growling writing this.

Next stop… we walked all around the pier. The 2008 Vancouver Olympics was an exhilarating time for me. I was old enough to understand and get the hype of the olympics plus they were in my country how could one not get hyped about it. So seeing the flaming torches was incredible and brought me back to my grade 8 excited self. Saw the huge cruise ships ready to doc to Alaska. It was a lovely walk, saw bridal parties, a hobo fishing for change in the fountain, lots of dogs… what a great stroll.

We then rented bikes from a store called Spikes, and rode them all around Stanley Park. I rode an old school bike and made the stroll so much better. It was a beautiful ride. Even my friend Maria, who is not into biking at all and really did not want to partake in this touristy activity, loved it. The ride was amazing and seriously so many spot for pictures and selfies with the group or by yourself. ALSO sooo many great spots for a picnic, literally anywhere. You can choose a spot with a mountainous view or a beach view, a great people watching view.. I may have seen a semi nude beach riding along.

**Still to this day when I’m bored I think to myself ‘’man if I were living in Vancouver I’d be riding my bike around Stanley park’’**

We went around for an hour, returned our bikes and all took a little siesta in a patch of grass in Stanley park. Ahah living that tourist life, nap wherever you can. We then went to Ladurée, the famous Macaron store, but the only one in Canada. MMMmmm it was definitely what I was waiting for. That salted caramel sweetness. Ate dinner at Milestones, ahah I know not to local but it was right there and we were hungry. After a great meal took our buses and trans back to the station.

We get to the station and the machines aren’t working, they’re not letting us buy a ticket to the ferry to Victoria. We go to the counter and ask to buy a ticket with the attendant, and she replies with ‘’it’s gone’’… that’s all she says. She looks up and realizes our blank stares, ‘’the last ferry is gone, it left at 9:30’’. We turn to each other, AHAH WHAT! There is 6 of us, how did that tiny bit of information slip all of our minds. We immediately start brainstorming. What do we do…

We are on the phone for about an hour until we find a motel in West Vancouver. Thank gosh. Our other option was to sleep at the airport. Now our next mission is to get to the motel before our day bus pass runs out. There we go take two trains, two buses, telling everyone on our way how dumb we are and how we’re in this situation now. Everyone just courtesy laughs. I mean we’re those crazy strangers.

We get to the motel, but on the phone we said there were only two of us soo the rest of us have to sneak in. Just our luck our room is two doors down and directly across the front desk.. So we really have to sneak in. This little room was not bad.. Although with all of our smelly shoes, leftover food, and sweaty bodies the room was not smelling so nice. But for a motel was not to bad, have definitely stayed in worse… don’t ask.

We wake up at 6am and get the first ferry back. Oh man we were all in moods. But it was just the cities way of telling us that one day is just not enough.Lesson learned always check the times, no matter how many there are of us.

~stay tuned for videos of this crazy weekend! ~