How to upgrade your space without breaking the bank

For those who don’t know, i live in a house in Toronto that, while in a great neighbourhood and very cool, is full of tiny rooms with tiny hallways and decor from the 70’s (and not the cool 70’s feel people have now, like the literal 70’s). I’m super grateful to have this house and to get to play with it, recreate it, and have fun with it, but since i’m on a budget I don’t have the ability to start knocking down walls and creating a whole new concept. So! I have taught myself how to upgrade, DIY, and change a space on a budget and with things I can do myself (or with minimal help from friends). If you’re looking to upgrade your space but not break the bank, take a look at some of my tips!


Our 2020 fall bucket list

With the start of fall comes chilly nights, beautiful leaves, big sweaters, cozy fires, comfort food, and so much more. The only downside of fall is how quickly it passes us by, so we always want to make the most of the season. Check out our fall to-do list below, and follow along on our stories as we try to get through all of them. 


21 Days of summer vacation fun

Summer is flying by! While it is one that has brought new challenges, it also pushed us to be creative in how we make this summer greater than the last. We’re challenging you to join us in our 21 days of summer vacation challenge! For the next 21 days of summer, follow along on our instagram (@thebrokegirlsofficial) stories to see us complete this list of fun, cheap and memory making activities. 


Quarantine sanity list

Let me start by saying I am very grateful to live in country where so many people have come together (figuratively) to help protect our people, and that we have such incredible people on the frontlines everyday risking their health for us. While we do our part by staying at home, we are fortunate enough to have funding for those who have been laid off during this time, a hardworking healthcare system, and the luxury of having food delivered right to our doors.


14 Cheap/Free things to do this summer!

Summer is my favourite season (followed very closely by fall) and I ALWAYS want to do as much as I can in the short few months we have. The problem is, it can get expensive. Between weekend trips, patios, summer clothes and so on, as the temperature rises my bank balance lowers. If you want to make the most of summer without breaking the bank, here are some awesome cheap (and free) things to do!


Mother’s Day Gifts under $50

Shopping for Mom can be hard! But now it can be easy! Pick your type of mom and click click and buy! These are all gifts under $50 but are also so thoughtful. You can pick and choose which category you want or get them all together and make a cute little basket. Remember for Mom’s it’s the thought that counts 😉


How to host a Christmas party on the cheap

We all know hosting a party can really add up!! Buying food, booze, and decorations isn’t cheap. Here are my tips and tricks to save that money and still host the BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY EVER !!!!

Food and Drink

  • Make it a potluck  (mainly appetizers)
  • Pick cocktails that can use cheaper liquors or make the event BYOB
  • Base your foods around ingredients that are in season to save grocery money
  • Cook small things instead of buying food


  • Use what you already have decoration wise
  • If you don’t have a lot of Christmas decorations, you can DIY tons of them!!
  • Do either Kris Kringle or cookie exchange instead of gift giving
  • Use cheap Christmas dollar store plates for a pretty but cheap alternative to china or glass (and easier clean up too!)
  • Create some free Christmas themed games such as pin the nose on the reindeer or Christmas movie trivia

Extra tips

  • Stick to a budget and list out what you need to buy before you go out to avoid wasting money
  • Don’t give a fancy invite. Not sure if people really send invitations to these anymore, but if so, e-vites or Facebook events will save you a lot of money and time too!