Valentines Day Guide for the solo self-loving gal!

Happy Valentines Day!!

OR singletines day or galentines day or whatever you prefer to call it!

This is my first single Valentine’s Day in four years and you know what..? I’m actually loving it! I’ve always been an advocate for self-love/ self-care, and so I definitely support this excuse to treat myself EXTRA special for a day! I know Valentine’s Day can be a rough go for some single gals, especially if you’re recently out of a relationship or maybe experiencing some unrequited love, but I  assure you, Valentine’s Day can be a special day for all! Check out my favourite tips to show YOU how much you love yourself ❤️

1. Show off ya sexy self!!!:

Did you take a cute picture the other day? Post it and let the world know who the most important person in your life is: YOU!

2. Treat yourself like the queen you are with a spa day:

Being a queen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay a queenly price either! Pick out a new nail polish colour and maybe grab a cheap face mask (you can usually find them at the drugstore for ($1-$5), put on your favourite tunes, and give yourself a mani/pedi/facial!

3. Dress yourself up:

Throw on your absolute favourite outfit for the day. Something that makes you feel like the all star that you are! Or for a night in with yourself put on your fav pjs/lingerie because there’s no reason for it to sit around in your closet waiting for a new partner to come along! Be sexy just for you!

4. Stock your cupboards with your fav foods/drinks:

Ahhh .. nothing like an excuse to eat your favourite treats for a night! My personal favourite treats: popcorn, a glass of red wine, and then my favourite ice cream to top it all off (straight from the tub)!

5. Lastly, do something you love:

This could be absolutely anything from watching your favourite movie (and I mean really watching, not just sitting on your phone with Netflix in the background but properly taking in a really good movie), making really cool crafts, or just lighting a candle and curling up with your favourite book – so long as you love it, that’s the perfect way to spend a solo Valentine’s Day!

Hope you enjoy these tips! Remember: there’s no reason to be bitter on Valentine’s Day because you always have someone to love: YOU!

Being a 20 Something…

“Happy, free, confused, and lonely” is a good summary T-swift. It’s baffling how you can be always happy, loving life, dancing, singing and partying one day, and feeling so sad the next morning. You want a relationship because you seek the comfort, the closeness, the excitement that comes with starting out, and yet the thought of dating someone and giving up being single and flirting or kissing whoever you want whenever you want sounds terrible. You’re torn between the guy that’s kind of shitty but intrigues you and makes you want more, and the nice guy who treats you great but doesn’t pull you in. When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror you’re happy that you’re youthful and wrinkle free and don’t have unwanted grey hair coming in, and yet you constantly nitpick at your skin and your stomach and your smile. There are so many things you want to do and places you want to go because you are young and have nothing holding you back, and yet you are too young to have the money to do all of it. It’s so much fun to have freedom, and excitement, and an open future, and yet terrifying to not have any certainty of who you will one day become, will your friends be separated and torn apart, will you get the dream career and the dream house and the dream partner. Maybe that’s what makes us sit in sadness on a Sunday afternoon, listening to slow music, unsure of why we feel so down after such a good weekend. The uncertainty of the future, so scary and so wonderful, the youthful glow and happiness that brings light to everyone around you, yet leaves you crying into your pillow, freedom to do whatever you want and date whoever you want, and crushing blow when the person you wanted doesn’t feel the same. Life is a tough balance, it’s wild, and yet so tame, it’s happy and heartbreaking, it’s adventurous and yet unchanging. But I think the trick to being a twenty something is this; never take it for granted, because this time of your life only happens once, and it is magical.

Love Always,


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