Checklist for Victoria, British Columbia

I was in Victoria for little over a month, the first week I was there was all it took for the city to completely take my heart. The city has the country feel with city ambiance, it’s magical. My favourite memory is sitting on these steps between two restaurants(The Local and Darcy’s)  at Bastion Square, listening to a busker (Fintan O’neil) who’s there most Sundays definitely look him up urg amazing! Looking into the distance at the port where water planes are landing. It was a home away from home feeling. 

(Bastion Square- Finton O’neil busking)

Getting around Victoria is very easy. Just a little inside scoop the last bus from Mondays to Thursdays is at 11:30pm. So if you are planning on going out for dinner and staying out late be prepared to walk for hours or take a taxi. If you’re thinking of just taking an uber, think again, there is no uber in BC at least for a couple months up to a year. Again the bus system is reliable and fits perfect in the budget, for a day it’s only $5. I would highly recommend… being a tourist means getting lost… A lot. Here are a few things that really stuck with me during my time in Victoria. Weather you’re in Victoria for a few days or a month, I highly recommend hitting up many of these places.

1. Paddle Boarding $$

I went paddle boarding with a group of people at Ocean River Sports. The instructors were great and it didn’t bust my piggy bank! Although not to ruin the moment but the cove where we were paddling was not very scenic…the most scenic thing was a whole wall that was made up of crushed cars. The day we went the ocean was high tide with tones of waves so I understand for beginners why the junk yard escarpment was needed. Be adventurous! This is tones of fun and a great work out!

2. China Town

The China town of Victoria holds more history than one can imagine. It is the oldest in Canada and the second oldest in North America. It is found on Fisgard Street with tones of restaurants, theatres and little trinket shops. Do not miss the Fan Tan Alley Way that is very insta worthy (especially for follow-me pics). Fun Fact: The alley was originally a gambling district and was central to opium dens.

These awesome pics are ones that my friend Claire took during the pride parade! She’s a great photographer!

3. Mount Tolmie

This is quite the hike. It has a great view of the city. Definitely go for sunset!

4.Beacon Hill Park

Seriously what can’t you do in this Canadian Central Park. It has a petting soon, amazing gardens, picturesque fountains and bridges. While you’re in the neighborhood check out Mile 0, it’s only just a wooden sign where the trans canada highway begins, but also it is where Terry Fox planned to finish his journey. Check out the monument if you have time. Once at Beacon Hill Park walk all along Dallas Rd, where you can finally enjoy the fun fact you’ve been telling everyone for years..a long walk on the beach.

5. Fisherman’s Wharf

This place is literally a two minute walk from downtown or you can take the bus. It is the cutest place to spend the afternoon. Very cute first date spot… from what I can imagine. You can buy fish and chips and sit by the dock, look out for seals and be careful that the seagulls don’t steal your food. The fish and chips arn’t too expensive, I shared my plate with a friend. We got two fish’s and a plate of chips for $13 each. For it being fresh with an amazing view that is practically a steal to me. 


6. Take a pic in front of Parliament

For those who didn’t really realize, like me until I was look right at it, is that Victoria is the Capital of British Columbia. So yes that big building that looks like the Parliament Building in Ottawa, it as well is the Parliament Building for British Columbia. The grounds are beautiful especially at night when it is covered with lights, that lit up almost the whole harbour.

7. Whale Watching $$

I did not get the chance to go whale watching. Everyone that I have heard that has been says it is an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity. They all have had such great luck in what they have had the opportunity in seeing. Be prepared that it most likely will be $100 or over to go but again everyone that I know who has gone said it was completely worth it. So next is finding a sugar daddy who can fly me back out and see the sea friends.

That’s the main list of things I would suggest doing. Victoria has my heart. It’s been two weeks and I definitely do feel a withdrawal of the western island lifestyle.

Till next time Vic!




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