The foods you HAVE to try in Europe

Based solely on where we’ve been and the fantastic foods we’ve tried there; these are the foods you have to try in Europe. We’re sure we’re missing so many amazing meals, but we can only speak from experience, so please comment below any foods we’re missing!



The cheese in Amsterdam is the absolute best cheese I have ever had hands down. There are cheese shops on literally every corner that have free samples, and I promise you I went into every single one. But if you don’t feel like spending the money on the slightly more expensive cheese in the shops, the grocery store has it cheaper and just as amazing. -Nic


Like mini, fluffy, tasty pancakes. The perfect brunch or breakfast food. -Jac



Fries and Mayo

You may think you’ve had fries and mayo 100 times here in good old North America, but it’s Belgium’s speciality, and not only is it different, it’s delicious. -Nic

Belgian Waffles

Obviously this is a given. A Belgian waffle in Belgium was probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, and they are cheap too. I did read before going that traditionally you aren’t supposed to cover them in chocolate and ice cream, but when I was offered Belgian milk chocolate and hazelnut ice cream I couldn’t say no…and I did not regret it. -Nic


I have to admit, by the time we left Belgium I was ALMOST chocolate-d out. I literally ate it everywhere they had it, including at a chocolate museum, but it was all worth it. Delish. -Nic


More Chocolate

I said almost for a reason, I can’t get enough chocolate. Swiss chocolate was also wonderful. Different than Belgium, but just as amazing. It is more expensive though so I definitely had to eat less. -Nic

Hot Chocolate

Not a food, and still in the line of chocolate, but amazing. So so good. -Nic

Disclaimer *** I really want to say that Swiss fondue was amazing, but due to a lack of fondue restaurants and expensive prices, we did not get to try it, however I think you should if you are in a city where it is more available, I know I would***



Okay so this isn’t food either…but it’s necessary. Guinness just tastes substantially better in Ireland, and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t even like beer. -Nic

Lamb stew

Probably the best thing I ate in Ireland was lamb stew from an awesome pub called Slattery’s. Not only was it comforting and warm, the flavours were so full and robust and fantastic. -Nic

Fish and Chips

I’m warning you now, I’m going to say this for everywhere in the UK I’ve been. I am a fish and chips fiend, and Ireland did it well. So well that Jac ate it four days in a row. -Nic (pic by Jac)


Steak pie/Meat pie

Both steak, and regular mince meat pies are amazing, but I am partial to the steak. I like the chunks of meat myself. The best part about these little pies is that there are bake shops literally EVERYWHERE on the streets here, and you can find home made, delicious savoury pies at all of them. -Nic (Pic by Tess)










Fish and Chips

Again, fish and chips always awesome. I found though in Scotland, the best fish and chips tended to be at the little mom and pop shops that don’t look like much from the outside, rather than the fancier pubs. -Nic

Breakfast sandwiches

When I think breakfast sandwiches in Canada, I think a little English muffin with a fake egg and 2 small strips of bacon from a fast food joint. Breakfast sandwiches in Scotland come on a big, fresh, crusty bun, filled with real fried eggs and perfectly seasoned bacon or sausage, and real, wonderful cheese. Best way to start your day. -Nic

Cullen Skink

This is a Scottish creamy soup, and if you don’t like haddock or fish I do not recommend. However, if you are a fish lover like me, it is hardy and warm and tasty. It’s got haddock, potatoes, and onions and you can get it at most restaurants. -Nic

Haggis, neeps, and tatties

Haggis isn’t as horrible as its reputation would have you believe! Regardless, it is a must-try whilst in Scotland, along with neeps (turnip), tatties (mashed potato) and whiskey sauce on the side.. a true Scottish delicacy! -Tess



Fish and Chips

Last time I’ll mention it, fish and chips in England is also fabulous. But as you can probably tell by now, I’ll eat fish and chips anywhere and everywhere. -Nic

Afternoon Tea

If you’re going to eat in England, you’ve gotta do it right. Afternoon tea is something I grew up having here in Canada, but it’s all the more special in it’s birthplace of England. Finger sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, cakes, tea…what more could you ask for? -Nic

Bangers and Mash

You could have this anywhere in the UK really and it would still be good, but it’s definitely a classic, sausages and mash potatoes…simple and hardy. -Jac

English breakfast

This is the ultimate breakfast meal as it’s got everything you could possibly want: sausage, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, toast, jam, and sometimes a potato latka on the side. And don’t forget your cup of tea! -Tess



Croque Monsieur/ Croque Madame

To the eye this looks like a grilled cheese, but to your taste buds it’s so much more. A croque monsieur has a slice of ham between two pieces of bread with cheese (most often it’s Gruyere) oozing on top of it. Depending where you go it is baked or fried. A croque madame is the same as a croque monsieur BUT it has a fried egg on top of it. -Jac (Pic by Tess)

Macaroon By Laduree

It’s France, you have to have a Macaroon. YOU HAVE TO! Make sure you don’t just get any macaroon, although they are mostly all good, you should get one from the creator, at Ladurée Café. My favourite flavours are salted caramel, Marie Antoinette, coffee! They are to die for. -Jac












Dijon Sandwiches

Dijon, France is very Dijon mustard originated. Take some time to have a delicious baguette sandwich, with ham, cheese, tomato  and fresh dijon mustard. -Jac

Pain d’Epices By the brand Petitjean

This is an acquired taste but still a good one. I’m also bias… this is a dense bread made with rhy flour, spice and honey. One of the popular brands for this bread happens to be my last name, so when at the market look for Mulot Petitjean Pain D’Epice. -Jac

Camembert Wheel

Yupp.. a whole wheel of cheese for dinner. You’re in France, you gotta. -Jac


A French specialty you do not want to miss out on! Escargot is by far one of my favourite foods I’ve tried while in Paris! And with a side of bread, and red wine you can’t go wrong! -Tess


Moules and Frites

You’re on the french coast, the seafood is amazing. A french must is mussels and, of course, french fries. They really go together well and you will definitely be full after this meal. -Jac


This is a Nice speciality! It’s pancake but it’s made from chickpeas and baked in a stone oven. It’s served with salt and pepper. Quite a tasty little street food snack. -Jac


Just…amazing. -Jac

This list will continue growing… we love trying new foods, particularly specialties from the countries we visit.

(For many of these foods, we have ALL tried and loved them, the name just refers to who wrote the blurb)

Much love,

The Broke Girls.



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