How to stay sane when life is INsane

I’m sure I’m not the only one who often finds themselves overloaded with stuff to do. Between work or school, volunteering, trying to have a social life, and getting your everyday things done, it’s not always easy to stay organized and keep yourself calm. During my 4th year of University (When I was doing something on campus until at least 11 pm before going home and working on papers until 4 am on repeat everyday) I got pretty good at keeping myself from having a total breakdown, and I use these tips on the regular now as my schedule gets crazier. Here are my 12 tips and tricks to staying sane when life is crazy:

  1. Keep your space tidy

Whether it be your room, your apartment, your desk, whatever space you spend your time in, keep it tidy. 3 articles of clothing on the floor take 1 minute to put away, when you get to the point where you can’t see your floor, it takes a lot longer. When your space is clear, your mind feels more clear.


  1. Keep taking care of your skin

This is a big one for me. I have a nightly skin care routine and I make sure I stick to it even if I’m exhausted. You want to feel as fresh as you can when you’re always on the go, and a big part of that is how your skin Is feeling. This also includes drinking a lot of water. I will literally put my skin care routine in my to do list to make sure I do it.


  1. Don’t drink caffeine too late in the day

Don’t get me wrong, we all need our coffee or tea to get us through the day, but if you are someone who is very effected by caffeine, try not to drink it too late in the day, so you can get a proper sleep at night.


  1. Plan and set out your outfits

Something that takes up so much time in most peoples morning is deciding what to wear. I use a combination of three things to plan my outfit. 1. I think about what’s in my closet and try on pieces to figure out what I like (this is pretty basic, pretty much how everyone decides on an outfit) 2. I use my mannequin (the kind on the pole without head or arms) to put my outfits on when I don’t want to put them on myself and 3. I use the MyFinery app, which is like a digital closet that allows you to put outfits together and plan them on a calendar. (the only reason I don’t use this more is because I haven’t put all my clothes in it). Read more about it here


  1. Meal prep

Take it from the girl who spent her entire 4th year of Uni living on hummus, rice crackers, and turkey pepprettes, it’s important to meal prep. If you know you’re going to be out until 10 pm, make sure you have a lunch and a dinner with you. It will keep you healthy and be better for your wallet ( #brokegirls) There are tons of online recipes you can meal prep ahead of time!


  1. Bring snacks with you everywhere

This kind of goes with the meal prep, but if you’re anything like me you’re always hungry, and you might not always have time to sit down and eat your meal when you want it. I keep a drawer of snacks at my desk, and some healthy snacks in my purse, to deter me from a) starving and b) buying a donut from Tims


  1. Make lots of lists

I live for to do lists. Even if you write them down and don’t check them again, when you feel overwhelmed, writing everything down on paper makes it seem so much easier to tackle. You can also break them down into sections. I.e Morning, afternoon, night, or work and home, or by activity!


  1. Keep an agenda or calendar

This kind of goes hand and hand with list making, but it’s good to see a big picture of when you have events, and when you need to get things done. I find it so stressful when people ask me to do something on a specific day and I can’t see my agenda to know where my life is at.

  1. Try to turn off electronics for a bit before sleeping

It’s super healthy for you to have time away from your computer and cell phone, so take the half hour before you go to bed to not have that on you. It will help your depth of sleep and allow you to feel refreshed in the morning.


  1. Do something each night that relaxes you

It’s important to take time for yourself, so make sure each night (or whenever you find works best for you) you take time to unwind and ignore responsibilities. For me, this time is usually only 20-30 minutes (while I’m technology free before bed) and is often drinking a chamomile tea with a book or while colouring.


  1. Get anything you need tomorrow, ready tonight

For most people, mornings are pretty hectic while you’re trying to get out the door. Make sure everything you need for the next day is ready to go. I always make sure I’ve transferred all my items from the purse I used today, to the purse I’m using tomorrow before I go to sleep. If there is anything special going on the next day I put everything I need in the bag the night before.


  1. Take a day to relax when it’s all over

I know it may feel like there is never a time when you aren’t insanely busy, but whenever your big thing is done, the thing making you even busier than normal like maybe a project at work, an event you are working on, or exams, take a day for yourself. Do what makes you happy, possibly seeing friends or sitting on the couch with Netflix, take time for you.


These are my tips, this is what I try my best to stick to. I hope these help, and leave any of your tips and ideas in the comments!!

Love always,


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