Fashion in Film 2: Loungewear

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I live for everything fashion and everything film and when I can put those 2 things together… well it just brings the brightest smile to my face. I’ve done a post about some of my favourite fashion moments in films before, but since many of us are spending waaaayyy more time than usual in our homes I thought i’d do one to inspire your loungewear aesthetic. Since we’re all living in comfy clothes, why not get some inspo from the characters we know and love. So put on your sweats and let’s get started!

Sleepless in Seattle

I hope you know by now that a sweat-suit is the comfiest thing you could put on your body. Take some inspo from Meg Ryan and put on your comfiest pants and coziest sweater. Ps. Tie-dye sweat-suits are very popular right now, so if you get bored try tie-dying a white sweat-suit.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Classic, one of my favourite movie outfits always, but a big shirt and a sleep-mask is all you really need when there’s nowhere to go.

Rachel’s outfits

We all look at Rachel for fashion inspiration on the regular, but check out these little numbers for that stay-at-home feel. Although she’s outside playing football in the first picture, take off the sneakers and that can easily be worn sitting on your couch. For a still comfy but sliiigghtlly more suitable for outside look, try some big baggy pants and a cute cropped T.


All of the pj outfits in this sleepover scene should be recreated every night. From Rizzo’s big shirt, to Frenchie and Marty’s cute little sets, Jan’s sweats and of course Sandy’s nightgown… all so different and all so great.

Carrie Bradshaw outfits

Well, we all know that Carrie Bradshaw is the queen of fashion, plus writing freelance means she was working from home a whole lot. Check out some jersey tanks, cute pants, a gorgeous silk robe, and as it starts to heat up in May, maybe some cute little sweat shorts!

Nightmare on Elm Street

I’ll be honest, I have never seen this movie because I despise horror movies, however we all know this iconic Johnny Depp ‘fit, and I would love to recreate it today. Comfy pants, cropped jersey… the only way to be right now.

Rear Window

Feeling luxurious? Take a page out of Grace Kelly’s book from Rear window and throw on a glamorous nightgown with a dashing sheer robe on top. You’ll feel like you could walk into a gala, but you’re just lounging around living your best life.

The Royal Tenenbaums

Chas Tenenbaum is the king of the matching Adidas tracksuit. You can look fly and also like you’re going on a run… in the 80’s. Any kind of sporty tracksuit is a great go-to when sitting indoors all day.

I hope our friends in film serve as some loungewear inspiration. Remember, while you may be spending the day on your couch, what you wear can really improve your mood! So stay comfy, cozy, and cute as hell! Comment or dm to let us know about your fashion feed during this time!

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