21 Days of summer vacation fun

Summer is flying by! While it is one that has brought new challenges, it also pushed us to be creative in how we make this summer greater than the last. We’re challenging you to join us in our 21 days of summer vacation challenge! For the next 21 days of summer, follow along on our instagram (@thebrokegirlsofficial) stories to see us complete this list of fun, cheap and memory making activities. 

  1. Make a tiktok! Grab your crew and recreate some of these entertaining videos. This will be a great memory of summer 2020, and guaranteed you’ll have a great time creating this video. 
  2. Go to the drive in! Sneak in your fav snacks, whether it’s KFC or popcorn and smarties, have a great night sitting in your car and watching flicks. 
    • Broke tip: create your own drive in, in your backyard with a sheet and a projector. Here you have unlimited access to the bathroom and SNACKS! 
  3. Explore a new part of town. While we have been spending a lot of time at home, challenge yourself to explore a new hiking trail, a new garden, or even check out if there are rivers and creeks you can go kayaking on. 
  4. Disconnect for 24 hours – Instead of Netflix, read a book, grab a journal, go for a hike. This will be a challenge for us broke girls but we’re ready for a little creative time. 
  5. Form a new habit. It only takes 3 weeks for a new habit, good or bad, to kick in. In these 21 days why not start a new habit. It could be going for a run every night, making your bed, or even starting a new Chloe Ting workout challenge. You choose it and stick to it! 
  6. Learn to make an old family recipe. With more time at home, that means more time to cook. We all know that cooking meals at home saves money, and a making a family recipe means it will probably be delicious and comforting too.
  7. Random act of kindness. That could be as easy as complimenting a stranger, paying for the person behind you in the drive thru, or even signing up to volunteer at the local shelter for the next school year. 
  8. Have a picnic! Make some sandwiches or pick up some take out and sit in a park or by a lake to enjoy it. It’s just a meal, but it’s definitely less expensive than going out and you get to enjoy the outdoors while doing it 
  9. Try a local ice cream parlour. If you’re anything like us, you LOVE ice cream. Instead of hitting up your regular Dairy Queen, try finding a local ice cream shop to tickle your tastebuds. 
  10. Head to the beach! Hit up a beach at some point during the end of summer. There is only so much time in the year that it’s warm enough for the beach, so do it while you still can. 
  11. Try a new patio. Now that patios are open, try somewhere new you haven’t been before! It’s important right now to support local businesses when we can, and checking out their patios for a drink or an app is a great way to do that. Just don’t forget your mask!
  12. Read! There is nothing like taking your book and reading outside. Try reading a new book in these 21 days. 
  13. Have a bonfire. Did someone say S’mores? We love a good bonfire. They bring camp songs and good chats and fun memories… and delicious marshmallows.
  14. Throw a themed socially distanced acceptable  party. Jac is a little biased because it is her birthday. Here are some of the best themes…
    • The Last Splash – the ultimate pool party, with drinks, floaties, great tunes and sunshine!
    • 23 Fiesta With Me – Margaritas, chips and salsa, churros, cold corona’s you get the theme right…
    • Two Fourleans – although we can’t travel, bring the mardi gras spirit to you. Cajun food, and decorations you are bound to have a great time
    • 25 To Life – Stuck in quarantine, feeling trapped, this party allows us to get a little loose, with a mug shot photobooth, a game of ‘mask’ and robbers, make it fun! 
  15. Head to the driving range. Golfing is a fun pass time you can do with friends, and how better to get out some quarantine rage than hitting some balls as far as you can?
  16. Play tennis. A round of tennis between friends on a sunny afternoon sounds like a good day to us! Get your pals and your tennis skirts and have fun with it. 
  17. Have a BBQ! Pretty easy and always delicious, a BBQ is a great summer dinner option 
  18. Go kayaking. Great exercise and a great way to get outdoors, going on a little kayak ride is a great way to spend a summer afternoon
  19. Have a board game night. Great for summer or winter, a board game night is a fun and different way to spend an evening. You can do it with a small group, so it’s perfect for these social distance times. 
  20. Go stargazing. This is the only time a year where it’s nice enough to spend the evening outside staring at the sky. We recommend doing this while camping, or driving out where there will be fewer city lights and you can really see the full sky all lit up with stars.
  21. Head out on a road trip! We might not be able to travel far this year, but we can certainly hit the road and drive an hour out of town for a day trip. There are so many cute places so close to the GTA for you to explore, the grab a map and get out there!

Just because this summer is different, doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome! We hope you like these ideas as much as we do 🙂 

Xoxo Love always, 

Jac Nic 

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