Ways to celebrate Halloween in Quarantine

We all know that Halloween is going to look a little different this year, we definitely won’t be able to spend it dancing at a club or at some big house party. However, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year AND we get an extra hour of party time thanks to Daylight Savings, so I refuse to let this night go to waste!

These Halloween ideas will depend on the rules of your city/province, but in Toronto you are still allowed to have 10 people or less indoors so that is what this list is based around.

Small murder mystery party

A murder mystery party can’t be too big anyway! It gives everyone a perfect reason to dress up and play a part for the night. You can decorate your house like the theme of the game (I.e. masquerade ball, 1920’s) and have a small but incredibly fun and creative evening.  

Rocky Horror Picture Show night/drinking game

Rocky Horror Picture Show is a classic Halloween flick. Lots of movie theatres every year do Rocky Horror nights, where people attend a midnight viewing dressed up as the characters and play the interactive game with the movie (Like throwing toast!). You can do the same thing with a couple friends, have some drinks and some good times! You’ll finish the night just wanting more (more, more, more… haha)

At home escape room

You can buy at-home escape room kits now, and they look super fun and spooky. You only need a few people, a few snacks, and a few clues to have an awesome evening trying to escape an abandoned insane asylum, or maybe a haunted mansion?

Movie night (Horror or non-scary)

I hate scary movies, but I know a lot of people love them! Have a Halloween movie night, with either fun Disney movies or actual horror movies. You can even add fun Halloween themed snacks.

Costume games night

We all love a games night, and you can definitely have one with under 10 people! To make it Halloween-themed, create some spooky & tasty treats and have everyone dress up. If need be, you can easily do this online via zoom!

Intimate spooky themed dinner

You could easily tie this along with one of the other ideas, but an intimate Halloween dinner is very fun. Put cobwebs everywhere, old vintage candle sticks, skulls, and some purple and orange lights in. There are tons of Halloween table décor ideas on Pinterest, and you can even make each course of your meal Halloween themed. It will be disturbing and delicious at the same time!

I hope some of these ideas work for you this year. Remember to have fun, but stay safe!

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