How to have the best 25!

As of November 27, I am officially 25 years old. That means half way to 50, 1 quarter of a century, and older than Rachel and Monica in season 1 of Friends. Looking back on the last 25 years, I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way, and I still have a lot more learning to do. To me, 25 feels like my youth is coming to an end. I’m still young, and life is still full of possibilities, but I’m at an age where people around me, myself included, are starting their real adult life. Their careers, marriages, homes, and so on. Thinking about this in terms of my big 25, I know that I will make mistakes and grow from them, but I wanted to make sure I was continuing to make decisions that will further improve my life. 


Getting Rejected…

…can’t live without it…hard to live with it…

Rejection is inevitable. Hate to say it but ya can’t live without it. And ya can’t grow without it.

On a podcast (Guys We F****d hosted by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson) a quote was shared that literally changed my whole perception of rejection. They discussed that with rejection comes confidence. For example, in terms of job applications men will apply to jobs even if they don’t fill all the job classifications or requirements, whereas women will not because of the fear of rejection. Therefore, as women we should put ourselves out-there more and become more comfortable with rejection. This may not apply to everyone but this sure resignated with me.